Grandma's Love wall vinyl stickers decal DIY

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Size: 57*105 cm


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Grandma's Love "I never knew how much love my heart could hold till someone called me Grandma" Vinyl Stickers wall decal

Material:Plastic, Pvc Sticker
Feature: love wall stickers
Theme: Love, Transparent PVC sticker

Finish Size: 57*105 cm

Inturction steps:
1. Clean the surface of which you are going to apply the sticker to throughly.
Make sure the surface is completely smooth; otherwise, it may fall off easily.
2. Peel off the transfer film.
3. Cover the transfer film on the decal, then scape it again and again.
4. Cut into pieces depending on the shape.
5. Peel off transfer film from paper sheet.
6. Stick the sticker where desired.
7.Wipe down the sticker gently in a wiping motion to eleminate air bubbles.

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